Meet Dr. Brent Fairbanks
South Calgary General Dentist

Dr. Brent Fairbanks

Meet Dr. Brent Fairbanks, B.Sc. D.D.S.

Dr. Brent Fairbanks graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta in 1985 with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). A year later, he began practicing as a Family Dentist in southern Calgary.

Dr. Fairbanks is an accredited member of the Alberta and Canadian Dental Associations.

Today, along with Dr. Troy Michelson (and now his sons Dr. Mark Fairbanks and Dr. Ben Fairbanks), Dr. Fairbanks runs a thriving South Calgary Family Dental practice in Lake Sundance. Dr. Fairbanks loves the challenge of even the most complex cases and regularly attends additional continuing education courses to ensure he is always up-to-date with procedures and technologies.

When Dr. Fairbanks is not busy helping patients, he is a dedicated family man and a father of eight. He never loses sight of his mandate, which is providing professional and gentle dental care for Calgary families.

Dr. Fairbanks looks forward to meeting you soon!

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Dr. Brent Fairbanks

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