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broken-toothIf you’re not sure if a dental problem requires emergency dentistry, our dentists offer this advice: If it hurts, it’s an emergency!

This is because even injuries that seem small or superficial can affect the living tissues inside the teeth. Quick treatment improves the odds of saving injured or damaged teeth.

Even if you aren’t in much pain, any structural damage to a tooth — from a sports injury, for example — should be considered an emergency. Chips or fractures can affect the living tissue inside the tooth, causing more problems in the future. We can prevent any possible damage from getting worse.

chipped-toothThe same can be true for a lost filling or crown. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, the tooth has lost its support and it could easily become weaker. Pieces could break off or crumble, and you would need more extensive treatment. If you see your dentist right away, there’s a good chance they will be able to repair the damage with minimal treatment.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Have a toothache that won’t go away?
  • Experiencing facial swelling?
  • Think you have a gum infection?
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot liquids or sweets?
  • Pain from biting pressure?
  • Constant or intermittent tooth pain?
  • Severe throbbing tooth pain?
  • Tissue swelling of the face?

These are good indications that you are having some kind of issue that needs to be dealt with in a timely fashion. So please consider that as an Emergency Dentist, the Dimension Dental team will try our very best to get your emergency treated the same day — if not right away! In fact, we can treat almost all dental emergencies ranging from broken teeth to oral injuries!

mouth-guardsPrevention is better than a cure!

The chance of ending up with a broken tooth is particularly high in contact sports such as football, basketball, hockey, rugby and other ball games, but certainly also with combat sports such as karate and judo. Hence in some cases it is sensible to wear a mouthguard. It can prevent or reduce damage, but sometimes the blow is so hard that injuries nevertheless occur. The best mouthguards are made to measure.

What to do when you have a broken tooth?

When a tooth is broken, you must keep the broken part. There is a chance that the dentist will be able to bond the broken part back to the base. In other cases, the dentist will try to fill or reconstruct the broken tooth. It is also possible that the damage is so considerable that only a crown can bring solace. In any case it is important that you go to the dentist as quickly as possible and ensure that the tooth does not become inflamed.

Is your tooth torn loose?

A tooth that has been torn loose in an emergency situation. Speed is of the essence here and you should avoid panicking. If you can get to the dentist within the hour and the tooth is still “alive” there is a 90% chance that if the dentist is able to re-insert the tooth and it will be saved. Do not keep the tooth in a dry environment such as a handkerchief or a closed container. Ideally put the tooth in milk. Do not touch the root, hold it by the crown. You can clean your mouth, possibly apply a compress, but certainly do not put any cotton in the cavity where the tooth was.

If cost is a concern and is preventing you from dealing with your dental health, we also provide you with flexible dental care options as well as flexible financing and payment options.

So if you think you are having a Dental Emergency –
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