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service-img4What is All on Four Dental Implants?

All on Four is the next step in the evolution of full-arch tooth replacement. It is a practical way to receive a full arch of non-removable replacement teeth in as little as one day. They look like natural teeth and fit securely without adhesives.

The new teeth will not rub or create sore spots, and they don’t slip or fall out. You can fully taste and enjoy your food because the roof of your mouth is not covered. All on Four teeth don’t come out at night and they don’t need special cleaning.

You can eat whatever you like without a problem. You smile naturally, knowing your teeth look and feel real. All these reasons make it a wonderful solution for people facing or currently wearing dentures.

With the All on Four procedure, patients arrive on the day of their procedure and leave a few hours later with beautiful, new, non-removable teeth.

With the All on Four technique, you can eat immediately after the procedure and start to enjoy the benefits right away avoiding some of the long recovery times that are associated with traditional implant techniques.

Enjoy a new found sense of confidence knowing that your teeth will never again cause embarrassing situations. Our All on Four permanent Teeth in a Day will give you the freedom to enjoy the social situations and activities that you long for!

Benefits of All on Four

All on Four Options:

  • Fixed (Non-Removable)
    Unlike conventional dentures, All on Four technology allows you to have a full mouth of permanent teeth that feels and functions like real.
  • Esthetic
    Unlike conventional dentures which are large in size and therefore could possibly affect your appearance over time, All on Four gives you the set of teeth that looks and acts like natural, healthy teeth.
  • Same-Day Teeth (Teeth-in-a-Day)
    Unlike dentures or locators that need lengthy transition period, All on Four procedure is often completed in a single day as the implants and teeth are inserted on same day.
  • Immediate Function
    Recovery process is minimized for All on Four technology. Eat, talk, and socialize as soon as you leave Chrysalis Implant Centre.
  • Minimal Need for Grafting
    Bone grafting is a surgical procedure often necessary in a process of building conventional implants. The missing tooth often causes loss of bone underneath and in order to restore this area the bone is taken from your chin or pelvis. With All on Four you only need minimum number of implants inserted and therefore in most cases bone grafting is not required.
  • Bring The Cost Down
    Unlike conventional implants that may require 8-10 implants and bone grafting that makes the entire process long and complex, All on Four has made a revolution by significantly bringing the cost down for more effective and satisfying results. The exact cost varies by patients and their condition but with less number of implants and simpler Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, All on Four is a definite solution for edentulism.

The Treatment Process

At Calgary’s Dimension Dentistry, a provider of the Chrysalis Dental All on Four procedure, we are committed to provide the best possible result for our patients. We understand that each patient has different dental history and unique conditions that require attentive care. Please contact us for more information on detailed procedure, number of required visits, and overall cost.

At Dimension Dentistry, we are always accepting New Patients
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