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A visit with the dental hygienist can sometimes be referred to as a cleaning. At Dimension, we like to refer to these visits as Preventative Care and maintenance appointments. Although we do technically “clean” your teeth, a visit with us will typically involve a thorough assessment of your oral health including your gums, tissues and teeth. The hygienist will remove any plaque and tartar on your teeth using a method referred to as scaling. Patient education is also a priority during these visits; we want to empower you to keep your mouth healthy by giving you all the tools, knowledge and services you need.

We strive to promote an environment of co-diagnosis where our patients are involved in the treatment planning process with our dentists and hygienists.

Dimension Dentistry Hygiene Team

Our hygiene team also offers extra services such as oral cancer screenings, whitening procedures, sealants to prevent decay, laser therapy for advanced gum disease, and more.

Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? Do you feel like you have bad breath? Do you want to ensure your teeth last you a lifetime? It may be time for a visit with the dental hygienist!

Meet the Dimension Dental Hygiene Team

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