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Overseas Dental

Overseas Dental

Where is the best country for dental work? That’s a question we hear day in and day out from patients looking to save money over the costs of treatment in the US. Overseas dental can be much more affordable; however, it’s important to find a reputable dentist who champions safety and comfort, as well as cost savings. Dr. Bernal Soto’s practice is a cheaper option and more practical, compared with dentistry in Thailand. If you had planned a dental vacation in Asia but are looking to change your plans due to the Coronavirus outbreak, consider flying to Costa Rica for treatment.

Is it Cheaper to Get Teeth Done Abroad?

The cost of overseas dental is significantly lower than work performed in the US, but before you decide to fly to Costa Rica for implants, veneers, professional whitening, a new crown, or bridgework, be prepared to perform some basic research to find a reputable service provider. Dr. Soto is the best choice for overseas dental compared with other dental clinics for several important reasons:

  • Your safety and comfort are top concerns
  • We can assist you in planning an affordable dental vacation
  • Dr. Soto’s staff can offer adventure tips and ideas
  • We’ll help you make all the arrangements for your flight and hotel stay

How Does Overseas Dental Work?

Contact Dr. Bernal Soto’s dental clinic to find out how easy it is to save on overseas dental services. Let us know the type of dental work you need and we’ll let you know how much money you can save by traveling to our Costa Riva clinic. Best of all, we have connections with airports and hotels, so you won’t have to worry about making arrangements for your trip. Even after adding in the expense of travel and your entertainment costs, you’ll most likely leave Costa Rica with significant savings on the costs of care. We’ll look for the lowest airline ticket cost for a direct US-Costa Rica flight; Costa Rica is closer to home than you may think!

Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Tourism?

Any dental patient who has received an estimate for restorative dentistry that seems excessive can benefit from taking a dental vacation in Costa Rica. You may have heard that Thailand was an affordable place to travel for dental work; before you book a flight to a Thailand clinic, you should know that there are health and safety risks associated with Thailand clinics. Spend a few moments on Dr. Bernal Soto’s website or contact his staff if you have questions about treatment in Costa Rica. We can provide information regarding the most commonly asked questions we receive, including:

  • Is dental work cheaper in Mexico?
  • How has the Coronavirus affected dental care in Costa Rica?
  • How much money can I expect to save on a dental vacation?
  • Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s dental clinic conditions are cleaner and safer than Mexico and Thailand. Continue to explore our website to learn about the many advantages of flying to Dr. Soto’s dental clinic in Costa Rica for dental implants, veneers, full smile restorations, crowns, bridges, pro-grade whitening, fillings, and thorough dental cleanings.

overseas dentalOverseas dental tourism is the latest trend of dentistry in the Western world. Patients enjoy that they get high-quality service at a fraction of what they have in their home country. It is apparent that overseas dental services also offer an enticing opportunity to tour the country on a medical treatment visa or otherwise. Here is all you need to know about overseas dental programs.Why overseas dental treatments?Are you one of ...
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Overseas Dental Overseas Dental

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