East York Physiotherapy

East York Physiotherapy

The first record of physiotherapy was in 460BC, by the ancient Greek Hippocrates. The services are a combination of natural therapy and advice to treat many different musculoskeletal illnesses. We use more than one treatment method to improve conditions like arthritis, sciatica, osteoporosis, and many more.

Physiotherapists at our East York orthopedic clinic offer services that quickly restore motion and the ability to function.

East York Physiotherapy & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinic works with the individual to reduce pain, increase strength, restore function, and prevent similar future injuries.

Some particular problems we treat

Our practice focuses on preventing and rehabilitating the patient. The treatment can address the following body issues:

  • Back or neck pain due to injury of the skeleton or muscles
  • Problems in muscles, ligaments, joints, or bones
  • Lung issues like asthma
  • Pelvic problems affecting the bowel or bladder
  • Loss of mobility due to injuries on the spine
  • Swelling, pain, fatigue, and muscle strength
  • Psychological problems arising from injury of nerves on the range, like Alzheimer's

Expectations of physiotherapy

The session will be unique to your body and the particular conditions of the injury. The physiotherapist will need a history of your medical records and a keen assessment of your situation to understand all contributive issues. We give a specific treatment plan that will result in particular goals for you, with proper assistive devices and a range of exercise.


The initial assessment seeks to offer an understanding of the source of discomfort with a full exam. It is best to bring along relevant documentation, such as previous medical reports. Our East York physiotherapy expert at the sports injury clinic will test your nerve responses and reflexes by asking you to perform simple exercises like a walk or stretch.

Types of treatment

Our therapists deviate from drug use because they only offer temporary relief while adding weight to the liver or kidney. There are several different ways of administering physiotherapy & sports injury services in East York. The most common include the following:

  • Massage to manipulate soft tissues like tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Massage releases fluid retention that builds up after an injury or an operation, such as knee replacement
  • Stretching and exercises increase mobility and strength to increase the range of motion. We demonstrate these exercises so you can target the right spots while stretching
  • Electrotherapy increases blood flow to the inflamed area and helps the body to break down dense scar tissue around the injury
  • Heat therapy is a convenient pain relief solution that increases pliability and prevents muscle spasms

Follow up treatment

Our East York physiotherapy expert delivers a sheet of easy follow-up exercises you can practice in the office or home. We help you start to lift heavy objects without compromising the healing posture.

Where can you find physiotherapy specialists?

We have a fully resourced facility in Toronto to offer the best support to clients. We encourage clients to schedule an early consultation or booking to get the most premature possible treatment for physiotherapy in East York.

Our clinic is open amid Covid because we have increased hygiene measures. We offer extensive assistance by providing the right gears and sanitization solutions. Talk to the best physiotherapists in East York (647-496-2781) for further details of the physiotherapy session and other related issues.

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East York Physiotherapy East York Physiotherapy