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Although cancer is an incurable terminal illness, there are ways around it. The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders offers you access to the best cancer doctors in Waco who will help you defeat this life-threatening disease.

The cure for cancer

As a chronic disorder, cancer doesn’t have a cure per se. The purpose of the treatment is to contain the disease and force it into remission for as long as possible. The earlier the treatment, the more effective it will be at eliminating the condition. While cancer currently has no cure, it is possible to live a normal life after the treatment.

The success of the recovery depends on factors like the stage of the cancer, the patient’s clinical status, age, and the treatment employed. When treating stage I cancer, the survival rate reaches up to 95%, while, in stage IV, it will drop to less than 10%. For that reason, we advise you to start the treatment as soon as possible.

The four stages of cancer

All types of cancer go through four stages:

Stage one – The tumor is small and located in one area. It’s often a benign polyp that may later develop into a cancerous tumor if left untreated. At this stage, surgical intervention will usually eliminate the threat with ease, followed by extensive recovery, monitoring, and relapse prevention over the years.

Stages two and three – The tumor has grown in proportion and has already begun to spread outside of the organ it originated from. At this point, you will need urgent assistance from our best cancer doctors in Waco. Although the cancer is already in more advanced forms, recovery is not impossible.

Stage four (Metastatic) – Stage four marks the moment when cancer cells have spread in another area in the body either through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system. At this point, your condition is already severe, with little chance of recovery. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the suffering and even force remission, even at this stage.

How to treat cancer?

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are three of the most effective cancer treatments available. Surgery is ideal in the initial stages of the disease when the tumors are contained and operable. Chemotherapy relies on targeted medication plans designed to destroy the cancerous cells, relieve pain, and contain the disease. Then there’s our revolutionary CyberKnife.

Despite its suggestive name, our CyberKnife robotic system relies on a non-invasive cancer-killing procedure. The device uses concentrated beams of radiation to destroy cancer cells with the precision of a scalpel, but without the scaring of one. It represents the future in cancer treatments, and we use it as an alternative to surgery, whenever the patient has inoperable tumors.

If you want to increase your survival odds, contact us today! We have some of the best cancer doctors in Waco, ready to take your case and begin the treatment immediately. The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders is a place of hope and transformation, and our mission is simple – fight with people for the people.

Best Cancer doctors Waco
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Best Cancer doctors Waco
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Best Cancer doctors Waco Best Cancer doctors Waco